About Our Team

The Teahen Construction team holds 300+ years of industry knowledge and experience. Besides being talented craftsmen the group are a hardworking, honest and a close knit group of people. Their internal communication transpires through to the customer and sub trades brought in to perfect your project.


Teahen Construction Ltd is a proud member of both the local Stratford and Area Builders Association (SABA) and Stratford Chamber of Commerce. In addition to being actively involved in the community through team sports sponsorships and donating to multiple local charitable groups including the Community Foundation, this team strives to accomplish their day to day work to completion with pride adding to the overall City of Stratford continued development. They are passionate about giving back financially and with their time to the community in which they work and live. As of 2014 Teahen Ltd. began the Teahen Childrens Charity, helping local youth in need ages 4-19yrs old through a Breakfast Program. This fund, through the Chris and Courtney Teahen Family Fund also donates to secondary youth from all 6 local high schools by giving 6 awards scholarships in "Technology and Construction" towards a post secondary paths. 


Teahen is a certified with the RENOVATORS MARK OF EXCELLENCE (Renomark TD see renomark.ca) and completes each project through as such. 

As all great companies know, it is balance of strong leadership and stellar employees that really make the company stand above.  At the Teahen Construction Ltd group, they hold regular team meetings and BBQs to maintain the ‘family’ experience within the company.


Teahen Construction Ltd receive ongoing training, commendations and customer testimonials on not only their workmanship and performance but on the people they are and how they carry themselves. This includes the respect they show from onset of entering a customer’s home, throughout the entire project.

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The Teahen Design/Decor service was a welcome addition to this team in 2012. Courtney, Teahen Ltd's Community Affairs Director is a certified Decor and Business Operations Consultant. She partners with clients and internal staff on projects where required. In joining the team she has brought with her fashion sense, a flare for design and 15 yrs of business management, consulting and customer service expertise. In May of 2014, Sherri joined the team as a skilled draftsperson and designer. With her keen eye for detail, talent and love of drawing, creating spaces and winning attitude made Sherri a natural team member. As a BCIN certified designer, this further ensures clients have the option to work with Team Teahen as their general contractor and single point of contact.